Seeds are the primary basis for human sustenance. Majority of human calories comes from seeds, especially from cereals, legumes and nuts. Seeds also provide most cooking oils, many beverages and spices and some important food additives. They are the repository of the genetic potential of crop species and their varieties resulting from the continuous improvement and selection over time. Crop improvement and the delivery of high quality seeds and planting materials of selected varieties to growers is necessary for ensuring improved crop production and meeting growing environmental challenges. Food security therefore is dependent on the seed security of farming communities.

Crop Varieties

Tender Notices

7th March 2018
25th January 2018
20th January 2018
2nd January 2018
29th August 2017
27th August 2017

Quality Control

Quality seeds means quality yields

The use of good quality seed is a prerequisite for the satisfactory production of a good quality crop. BRBN has created/strengthened infrastructure facilities for production and distribution of quality seeds. BRBN studies the principles that underlie the physiology of seed development in various crops. This knowledge benefits farmers who produce their own seed, as well as seed growers listed with the BRBN.